Our 4-step fertilizer program is designed to save you money and keep your lawn looking amazingly healthy! Since our fertilizers are organic based and coated for slow-release, they will not burn your lawn, no matter when they are applied.

Step 1 (Spring Application)

Spring fertilization with crabgrass control. This application is going to protect your lawn from crabgrass and other grassy weeds. This product will also help bring your grass out of winter dormancy and boosts its growing speed. Getting crabgrass preventative down before the ground temperature reaches 55 ,or the middle of May, is very important. If you do not get this preventative down before then, we have a liquid that we can apply that will ensure you have little to no crab grass.

Step 2 (Summer Application)

Summer fertilization is to maintain healthy green grass. This application contains a lot of nutrients to keep the grass looking its best! This application also is going to kill off your dandelions, wild violets and other broadleaf weeds.

Step 3 (Late Summer/Early Fall Application)

This application is going to again maintain your healthy green grass. After a long hot summer your grass starts to get tired and stressed but this application will make sure to spruce the lawn back up maintaing a beautiful lawn and strengthening the roots preparing for winter.

Step 4 (Late Fall Application)

Late fall application is going to give nutrients to the grass to help it store them for winter. This application is very important for your lawn because if your grass goes into winter without thick roots and lots of nutrients, you will not have a green lawn in spring.

This 4-step program is unique in a few ways. We DO NOT use phosphorus in our fertilizer so there is no worry about lake run off. Our slow release fertilizer is beneficial because as the fertilizer is getting soaked up in the soil it is slowly releaseing all nutrients to the whole root, which causes a more uniform and steady growth.

Have Weeds Growing In your Lawn Or Flower Beds?

Keeping weeds out of your lawn and flower beds is very important! Weeds are very tricky plants, they will suck up all the nutrients and grow to spots where sunlight is most accessible which takes away from the grass and plants. We offer spot treatments for weeds in grass and flower beds! This product will not hurt your grass or plants!