Trees and shrubs are very important to human life. They clean the air that we breathe, they produce oxygen, purify water, and provide homes to wildlife. Protecting trees and shrubs is very important!

Alt’s Operation offers, Tree/Shrub Fertilization and Bug/Beetle Control on your trees and shrubs.

– If your trees or shrubs are getting taken over by bugs/beetles we have the perfect treatment to displace the insects. This product will not hurt the tree/shrub but it will give it relief from the bugs and let the tree/shrub continue to grow healthy. For this service we have a 3 treatment program starting in spring and ending in fall.

– We also offer fertilization to your trees and shrubs. With this service we will spray your shrubs 2 times a month and all trees once a month starting in spring(May) and ending in fall(October). This product does nothing but feeds your shrub/tree nutrients and you will be able to notice the difference it makes! Just like any other service we can do this service on an as requested basis.

Both of these services can be used on a as requested basis.